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Participation grant for the IMPEC conference




The ARCI association offers 2 scholarships for the IMPEC 2022 conference.




The scholarship includes the registration to the conference and the dinner + a contribution to the travel and living expenses up to 200 euros for a PhD student (or young doctor) communicating to the conference and up to 100 euros for a master student, PhD student or young doctor participating to the conference without communicating.








  • Young researcher registered in a SHS thesis (language sciences, education sciences, information and communication sciences, sociology, psychology...) or young doctor (defense in 2021 or 2022)
  • Student of Master 2 in SHS


The application must be sent before April 20, 2022 to the President of ARCI for examination by the ARCI office.


An answer will be given on May 7. The two selected persons will receive a mission order to be filled in for the reservation of their train tickets and the reimbursement of their expenses up to 100 or 200 euros depending on the case.


A one-page report will be requested from the participants, to be returned before July 20th.




Download the scholarship form here fiche_Bourse_ARCI_2.docx




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