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Interactions inTergénérationnelles Avec éCrans  (ITAC) 

Project initiator: Christine Develotte (ICAR, ENS de Lyon-IFÉ) and Mabrouka El Hachani (Elico, Lyon 3)

Participants: Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre (ICAR, Lyon 2), Justine Lascar (ICAR, CNRS), Françoise Poyet, (ELICO, ESPE, Lyon 1), Sandra Teston-Bonnard (ICAR, Lyon 2), Biagio Ursi (ICAR, Lyon 2), Daniel Valero (ICAR, CNRS)                                                                                     

Description: The ITAC project is a scientific collaboration between the ICAR and the ELICO research teams, Lyon’s Public Library (BML), and Lyon 3 University. Its aim is to study the intergenerational use of digital artefact at the BML. ITAC will focus on the relational, linguistic and educative aspects derived from the interactions and how these are mediated by professionals.This research will be based on the conversational analysis framework and communication/education studies.

Key words: interactions /  multimodality / informal mediated learning / body and screen


An ITAC event will took place on Friday December 15, 2017, at salle de conférence de l'Institut Français de l'Education (Ifé) 19, allée de Fontenay, 69007 Lyon.

Poster of the event here 

Program available here




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