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Digital Presences

Project initiators : Christine Develotte (ICAR, ENS de Lyon-IFÉ) and Joséphine Rémon (ICAR, Lumière Lyon 2)

Participants : Justine Lascar (ICAR, CNRS), Morgane Domanchin (ICAR, Lyon 2), Christelle Combe (LPL, Aix-Marseille), Amélie Bouquain (ICAR), Caroline Vincent ( S2HEP, ENS de Lyon), Tatiana Codreanu (ICAR),  Samira Ibnelkaid (ICAR), Mabrouka El Hachani (Elico, Lyon 3), Joséphine Rémon (ICAR, Lyon 2), Dorothée Furnon (ECP, Lyon 2), Françoise Poyet, (ELICO, ESPE, Lyon 1), Jean-François Grassin (ICAR, Lyon 2), Yigong Guo (ICAR, ENS de Lyon).

Description: within the ICAR laboratory, specialized in the analysis of interactions, the research group IMPEC (Screen-based Multimodal Interactions) explores the characteristics of situations combining face-to-face interactions (Traverso, 2016) and distant interactions (Develotte, Kern, Lamy, 2011). 

In such perspective, an exploratory workshop has been led from 2016-2017, consisting in collecting data from a monthly doctoral seminar attended by participants from Lyon and elsewhere (France, the UK, China), through different types of digital devices. 

The aim of this research is to describe interpersonal interactions, that are associated to technologies of telepresence, while taking into considering the range of mobility particular to each device. In order to attend the doctoral seminar, the distant participants had the choice between using 1) the Adobe Connect plateform 2) the Kubi robot 3) the Beam robot. The seminar took place in a room that was equipped of video cameras and microphones in order to record as much of the complexity of the co-presence from the face-to-face participants (about 12 persons) / the participants using Adobe Connect ( 5 persons in which case the image was projected to the wall), and the participants using the robot(s) (Beam and/ or Kubi, depending on the seminar). Besides, distant participants were asked to record their screen (dynamic screen captures) and to film themselves in front of their laptop (using an external video camera). In total five sessions were recorded in October and November 2016 then in January, March and April 2017. The overal corpus including all the different views results of 34h hours of video recording and 9,5h of screen captures. 

Key words: screen presence / multimodal interactions / research seminar / telepresence robot / mediation 

A sample of this corpus is available here:





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